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Mail app crashing


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On my 32GB RT the modern Mail app keeps crashing to start screen when I launch the app. Sometimes this happens and sometimes not, and when it does, it may happen once or twice in a row before the app stays open. Anyone have the same issue? Usually I have programs open in the desktop (IE, Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and also Onedrive app. All the apps on the Desktop side work without issues like this.



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I had exactly the same issue, which became more common over a couple of weeks (sometimes needed 3 or 4 attempts to start Mail, and then it wouldn't open at all). The solution I found online was to go to the App Store, find the Mail/Calendar app and delete it, reboot, go back to the app store and reinstall the app. All settings etc were restored and I've had no problems since.


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Hi, I've been through a heap of forums on this topic and there never seems to be a solution. a lot of people are having the same issue (including myself) but there doesn't seem to be a fix. Anyone have any news on this?

Thanks heaps


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Just reran the install that I had originally downloaded from microsoft (didn't even uninstall) and it seems to be working fine now!!

Good luck!!

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