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Apps won't install/run on Surface (Model 1)

It Confuses

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Afternoon all -

So we went out and bought the Model 1 Surface when Best Buy lowered the price to $199 (we actually got the 32 GB model, but same concept). To our chagrin, however, it seems unable to run basic applications (the most notable of which being Facebook, Evernote and Dropbox). When we attempt to download them from the Windows Store, the installation begins, but at some point always stops with one of several error messages (one of which was "0x80072efe") and the general statement "unable to install". I have to imagine that we are doing something wrong - I can't fathom that a tablet would be unable to run applications that can be run perfectly by my smartphone.

I'm sure someone else has encountered this problem - please help! Thanks!


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Have you by any chance update your Surface to 8.1? If you haven't then that's what might be the problem... try updating to 8.1 first.