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Arnold, et al, A Little Speculation . . . ?


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Edit: This was a genuinely dumb question. I seemed to have forgotten that the Surface Pro is an actual computer, not a retarded cousin. Ignore it and move on -- nothing to see here.

Arnold (et al) --

Yes, I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but, do you think Surface Pro will allow multiple users and multiple languages?

My Ladyfriend is Chinese, and I have a computer here just for her use that has her as primary user, with me as an additional user (both Administrators). Her user is set up for Chinese language, while mine is in English. I can't read Chinese, and she doesn't understand computer terminology well enough to translate for me, so, if I need to tweak the darned thing, I need to do it in English.

I am hoping that I can set up the Surface Pro the same way. Her job description is "Using it." Mine is "Maintaining it."

Whadd'ya think?

Take care,
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Yes, Windows 8 supports language packs and you can install them through the Control Panel, whatever you set as your default is retained in your profile. So yes you can have different users with different default languages. You don't need Surface Pro as this is available in all Windows 8 versions including Windows RT. Just go to control panel and 'Add a Language' under the 'Clock, Language, Region' section. I believe once you set your default language you need to log out and back in again for it to take effect.


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Yeah, Rob, that was a dumb question. Not exactly a Mensa moment.