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Audio Editing app

Thanks for posting this; I'm very interested.

That's my business. I run a national radio show. And frankly, I needed the Pro, not the RT, since the programs I use are full-blown software, not apps. And frankly, I rely on my bigger machines anyway, not the Pro.

My main editing software? WavePad. For more complicated shows, MixPad. Lots of people use Audacity, but not me. Personal preference.

If anyone knows of an app that can do real audio editing, I'm all in. But for true, 256-bit .wav files? So far I need the real deal.
Yes, I also use WavePad on desktop but I'm after something that will run on the RT from the App Store. It also needs to be supportable - ie no illegal mods etc.
Audacity is a good one, go for it. It has got good features and you won't have any difficulty. I personally recommend it as I have used it many times for my work.
Well. Microsoft actually "commended" the jailbreakers and did not guarantee that future patches would leave it open; that is, they didn't whole-heartedly condemn it. Check the news from back then, 'tis true. I don't know if the jailbreak is compatible with 8.1 (XDA would know).

The so-called "jailbreak" is a "soft" method, meaning it doesn't mess with firmware or anything that automatically negates the warranty of your device, the way cellphone jailbreaks work. In fact, every time you reboot, the Surface RT jailbreak is erased without a trace, and you must run it again to side-load the applications you want. Naturally, this jailbreak won't allow you to install any ol' legacy Windows software, only ARM-recompiled ones. I use mostly PuTTY (secure shell, telnet, SFTP) and sometimes Audacity as my sideloaded applications, but because I don't use them that often, my RT remains in a pristine unjailbroken state...until I run the break again.

At this time, I don't know what audio editing apps are available in the store since it's been over half a year since the OP's question.

Editing for posterity: The jailbreak no longer works in Windows 8.1.
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