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MediaMonkey music app with flac-support


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Probably you have a broken Music file. I had the same issue with my library. You can click on the working indicator in the upper right corner to see the currently scanned file. After I deleted the broken file my 40 GB library was scanned without Problems.

I followed your advice and my library is now scanned! Turns out it was a Christmas song that it kept crashing on. I didn't even realise I still had Christmas songs on there... Thanks for the suggestion! :)


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Here's a Report from my weekend testings:

The good news is that the current Version of MediaMonkey is quite stable. Not a single crash over the weekend.
The thing is that the app cannot change the tracks while the Surface is in standby. The current playing track is finished and then the music just stops. When you unlock the Surface the music starts playing again immediately, without pressing any button in the MediaMonkey app. So it's quite obvious that something is wrong with the app running while the Surface is in standby.
What I did: I just turned off the standby in the energy Settings and the Music was playing as I desired it.

The weird thing is that, like Arnold already mentionend, the playback is working good when adding music from the desktop. There are no standby issues. Unfortunately adding music from the desktop is no option for me since I tend to just queue 5 or 6 Albums and let the music play in the background. When that playlist is near its end, I add another 5 to 6 Albums.
This works good with the new version of the app although I hope they address the standby issue...


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New update today-

Release notes

Added semantic zoom
Fixed several stability issues
Fixed Genre from ID3 tags may not be shown
Fixed Album art from MP4/M4A files may not be shown
Fixed years sorted incorrectly
Fixed scan settings may not be saved
Fixed 'select all' command not always accessible
Fixed podcasts and audiobooks nodes are initially empty