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I agree with Philtastic, I think the worse palm rejection experience comes from the shorter maximum stylus-digitizer distance. It was already barely enough on the SP2 compared to my older Lenovo...

I love the SP3 aspect ratio though, just wish it was a bit smaller and went back to a Wacom. Or at least some other sort of battery-less pen. I'm too used to the Wacom-like friction/feedback...

I posted a poll on the SP3 thread on whether the inking was better with an SP2 or SP3. For me, there is no doubt as they nailed it on the SP2. Interestingly everyone seems to think the inking is better on the SP3 which honestly surprised me. Yes, the pen is somewhat thicker and looks more like a high quality pen but I found even getting even looking text is not easy. The lines vary too much, too quickly and too easily to look good.

Thank you for the feedback. I do handwritten note for jobs and I've come to quite like writing and have even taken to writing emails to friends, using real writing. It is fun to do.

I'm sticking with the SP2, it is solid and it works. I miss the performance of the i7, a bit but the SP2 isn't exactly slow.