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Poll Is inking better on Surface Pro 3?

Is inking better on the Surface Pro 3 than earlier models?

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I currently own an SP2. I use it every day for my work and among other thing, I record notes throughout the day in the form of job cards. My use of inking is basic but frequent and I really enjoyed the SP2 and still do.

I then bought the SP3 but right away didn't like the handwriting nearly as much but figured I'd get used to it.

Unfortunately I also found that the palm rejection was not nearly as good. This may be due to the Wacom EMR layer built into the screen or simply that on the SP3 the pen is not detected until much closer to the screen 1 cm versus 2 for the SP2. It is also aggravated by being left handed I think as well.

In addition to these issues I would occasionally find it might not write at all.

I should also note I use modern OneNote for note taking.

Please only respond if you use inking frequently and have had experience also on earlier Surface models.


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I had the SP2 for less than a month before they announced the release of the SP3. The one thing I did not like about the SP2 inking was the pen. It was simply too thin to hold comfortably. The SP3 pen is SO much nicer and more natural to use. I would almost consider the SP2 pen to be more of a stylus, much like a Samsung tablet or Galaxy Note stylus.


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Between a much nicer pen, and larger screen, SP3 is excellent for note taking. I use it in portrait mode everyday. I've given up buying spiral notebooks.


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I was just experimenting with the SP2 on the OneNote 2013. It is totally different to the modern OneNote with a wider selection of colours.

I just find the pen on the SP2 nothing short of magic. It is pretty well flawless. Every time I write, it is like a minor miracle, to me.

The SP3 I think requires being more careful about palm rejection and never felt as smooth, palm activation issues aside.