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Backlight bleeding, lot worser then on my Surface 1


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I love my new surface 2, it sadly has some pretty bad backlight bleeding (in my opinion), If I compare it to my Surface 1 it's allot worse, you can see it a bit on the picture, the richt bottom corner is the worst. I don't care if i see it on the boot screen, I also see it on the surface 1 on the boot screen (but to a much lesser extence). However I also clearly see the backlight bleeding in while in dark apps (like xbmc video) and which bothers me the most, when watching movies (even on 1/3 of the brightness).

So is this acceptable, was my first one just very lucky? Or can i exchange this trough MS, and if so, do I get a new unit or a refurb? Because I don't want to exchange my 2 days old Surface 2 for a refurb.



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Considering the 2nd gen was released this week, probability is low you'd receive a refurb. That's some awful backlight bleed, considering the poor photo quality. I'd exchange it.


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This device just released. Almost no chance of returns being available already. I'd say exchange it at MS store while you can. If you haven't already, register it on MS site for warranty. As that much bleeding should be covered. That way you good when you walk into ms store regardless if you bought it there or not..


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Exchanged it in the store with help of Microsoft, my new one is way better, no backlight bleeding issue :)