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Bad hibernate/sleep, resuming as rebooted


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This is driving me nuts. I've had a SP1 and SP2 which I've successfully used to commute and work with, using sleep or hibernate to hold the things I'm doing then carry on when I'm travelling or back at home/back at the office. With my SP2017, maybe 50% of the time when I resume my system its a fresh boot and everything is lost and not restored/resumed. Previously i put this down to some overzealous sleep settings so when i press power button or choose my 'shutdown' this does a hibernate. but i often fail to get a resume from hibernate when i power up again. Am i doing something really dumb?.. even if the power button was pressed while in my bag, wouldnt the 'hibernate after 10 mins on battery' setting put it back to hibernate not wipe the whole session?.. grrr... :(
I always use the start -> shutdown way, but I haven't had a problem with waking up from hibernate when I had left it on battery for a while
Yeah, but I'm often in the middle of 4 or 5 things and its nice to just pick up where I was vs a full shutdown/power up every night. I cant make any sense from powercfg /sleepstudy or the eventlog maybe I'll just wait for the Creators Fall update and see if anything changes. I have 1 "bad" driver for my SD card (not the card just the folder I've mounted it under - This device cannot start. (Code 10)) but don't think its causing a wake-up. And even so I'd expect either my hibernate-after-10-mins to kick in or the battery to discharge, but I just get a fresh boot with 80%+ battery. And only sometimes, this morning I resumed from hibernate fine..
Thanks @terry0081 for suggesting disabling "connected standby" - more details on the SP3 thread here Disable Connected Standby . I've turned it off, rebooted and gladly am still seeing Sleep as well as Hibernate/Restart/Shutdown on my Start power button. Fingers crossed, I'll see how I get on...
Maybe I need a new case/bag :(. So worked on my commute 08:13 - 08:59, then put my SP into my carry case and my carry case into a rucksack for the rest of my journey to the office (arrived about 09:30). Did a powercfg /sleepstudy and I see 10+ Active power events (some "unknown" some "button or lid", then going into Modern Standby ("video idle timeout").

I notice powercfg /a says I've got S0 low power idle aka Modern Standby enabled, but I think this is desired and not related to Connected Standby just more efficient hardware power management not app-wanting-notifications driven.

I'll unplug my AC and hibernate and close keyboard just like I am travelling and see if there's any activity when the power button definitely isn't being pressed for a few hours...

Snippet from sleepstudy in case it looks familiar to anyone:
08:13:10 00:46:33 Active 10,780 mWh 23% of battery 13,894 mW Drain
08:59:43 00:00:27 Hibernate - - - -
09:00:11 00:00:58 Active - - - -
09:01:09 00:04:48 Modern Standby - - - -
09:05:57 00:00:01 Active - - - -
09:05:58 00:01:12 Hibernate - - - -
09:07:11 00:00:31 Active - - - -
09:07:42 00:00:12 Modern Standby - - - -
09:07:55 00:00:30 Active - - - -
09:08:25 00:00:05 Modern Standby - - - -
09:08:31 00:00:07 Active - - - -
09:08:39 00:00:26 Hibernate - - - -
09:09:06 00:00:32 Active - - - -
09:09:38 00:01:06 Modern Standby - - -
ok, 2.5 hours and no power weirdness => its my bag :oops:.. Sorry for wasting your reading time, guess I'll look into a case/cover/bag that has some protection for the power button...