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Band in Netherlands, any locale metrics possible?


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I would like to order the Band in the US. Then private shipment to The Netherlands. It is not available in Europe except UK. I wonder why.
My only idea is that it supports only US, metrics for example only MILES versus KILOMETERS.
Or 7 PM versus 19, this is not a big deal though. English is fine versus Dutch.

Can the Band be set to European metrics?

Also I understand the screen seems vulnerable. Is the shield protector recommended at the same buy?

Thanks, -Eric


Staff member

Yes, the Microsoft Band (also known as Microsoft Watch or Microsoft Wearable) allows:
- Temperature in degrees C or degrees F
- Weight in pounds or kilograms
- Distance in miles or kilometers

These settings are adjusted using the Microsoft Health app on your Microsoft phone, iPhone, or Android phone.

Yes, the screen is vulnerable. But I put a screensaver on the first day (bundled with the Band) in September, 2014. The protector is still in place and providing protection just fine. I am very physically active, and not too careful with my electronics. The Microsoft Band has survived nicely now for almost a year.