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battery charger for Pro 3


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I bought a Surface Pro 3 used and it came without a battery charger. While I was waiting for a new charger to be delivered, I ran down the battery on the Pro 3. I've since got the new charger and have had it plugged in for several hours and the tablet still won't turn back on. One thing I noticed on the new charger is that the led stays lit even when it isn't plugged in. Is there any other way to tell if the tablet is charging? Should something happen on the tablet screen when the charger is first plugged in?


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Welcome. Did you buy an official microsoft charger or a third party one?

As to how the LED works, it ought not to be lit when not plugged in. that said, my partners charger (she doesn't take care of her belongings) has now resorted to the LED flahsing whether plugged in or not. It still charges, but the LED is always blinking (and not as bright as it normally would be).

As far as I'm aware you won't see anything on the screen, hear any beep etc when you plug the charger in. I assume you've tried different presses of the button (I have enough devices that I never know which one just needs a tap of the button, which needs to be held down for a few seconds etc). Might be an idea playing around with the power button. But if that doesn't work, contact the seller of the charger and ask for a replacement. I trust you bought the SP3 from a reputable source and they havn't knowingly sold you a lemon. Rather odd for it not to be suplied with a charger.