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Battery Charging Question - Newbie


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Hi All,

I am new Pro user. I always turn off my SP4 when i have finished using it.

Is there a way to know once the battery is fully charged without turning the power on? I have read the online help guide and it only mentions loading Windows to let you know.

I was hoping that the charger light on the socket that goes into the Surface Pro would go out, but i don't think thats the case?

Any ideas or solutions? Help appreciated,



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There is no way to know if your surface is charged without powering it up or waking it...... The light on the charger plug is only to tell you that it is plugged in your surface port.

You have a charging circuit that (unless it fails) doesn't let you overcharge your batt. Don't worry about this as far as i can tell there has been not a problem with charging batts......