1. P

    SP5 new battery - no start without powersupply

    Hello, I have installed a new battery in my SP5. It now no longer starts without power supply. But if it starts successfully, you can remove the power supply and it runs on battery mode. But it does not detect the battery charge status and shows 100% all the time. What could be the reason for this?
  2. S

    Surface Book battery problems

    My Surface Book is three years old, and still about the most powerful and capable machine I see wherever I go, so the fact that it started to get terrible battery service was a huge bummer. It started in the Summer of '19, but probably had been creeping into the scene for a while. Going back to...
  3. T

    New to Surface and need help!

    Hi everybody! I've bought a Microsoft Surface Book 2 – 13.5’ Display, and I'am suffering the following problem: Battery 2 (on the keyboard) won’t charge. The power connector works ok on the released tablet. It turns on the light and the battery on the tablet is charged ok. When plugged in...
  4. B

    Surface Go for Modern Web Development? Battery Life?

    I have a good desktop workstation at home, a work notebook, and as of right now I have a Surface Laptop (8/256). I have been really curious about picking up a Surface Go (8/128) for ultimate portability, potentially replacing the Surface Laptop. I am curious if anyone has used it for doing some...
  5. B

    Delay charge while docked

    Recently my Surface Pro 5 (2017) battery was showing less than 50% capacity (less than 2 hours on battery usage) after just 1 year of use so MSFT gratefully agreed to an exchange and in the process I upgraded to a SP6. The MS tech explained that such battery decline could be the result of...
  6. M

    Battery 1: 100%, Battery 2: 0% Plugged in, not charging.

    I've had my Surface Book Pro for about two years not. My current SBP was a replacement given to me when my battery swelled and pushed the screen out about six months ago. Last week, I noticed that the battery indicator to the right of the taskbar was less that 100% but did not apprear to be...
  7. D

    Battery Life down to 90 minutes SP3

    My SP3 is maybe 4 years old now and the battery life is atrocious. All I have open is Google Chrome with about 8-10 tabs and I usually just watch YouTube of Hulu videos or maybe an MLB game through the browser. I'm lucky to get 90 minutes to two hours of battery life. I have all the power...
  8. S

    Surface Book will not charge, is there a Singapore service centre?

    So I received a hand-me-down Surface Book 1, but it has the following condition: the battery of both the keyboard and the tablet will not charge. It says for both batteries: 0% and not charging. I have tried absolutely everything I found online, including deleting drivers, removing keyboard from...
  9. S

    Charging Challenge

    So after 5 hours of trying to figure this one out via youtube, google, microsoft support and getting nowhere I thought I would offer this up for guidance. This morning I switched on my surface book, plugged in the charger and away I went. After 20mins I noticed that there was no charging icon...
  10. T

    Replaced Battery - Won't charge

    The display on my Surface Pro 3 cracked last May. Not certain why. I decided to replace the screen because what was there to lose? The battery life was about half of what it should be so decided to replace the battery at the same time. Now, while the screen works, the battery is detected but...
  11. mikecox

    Unable to remove "tablet"..."low batt

    I can't remove the "tablet" on my SB because of "Tablet Battery is low" and it's "not charging"! I leave my SB plugged in all the time and I've only had the tablet off once, months ago. Am I SOL or is there anything I can do, short of turning my SB in and paying the $599. replacement fee?
  12. C

    Oct 2017, display backlight is flickering at low brightness

    This is a years-old problem since it came out however it still hasn't been fixed apparently? The backlight of my screen is flickering exactly like in this video when at its lowest brightness and is incredibly distracting to others when I use my laptop in lecture theatres. Anyone else have this...
  13. N

    heating / battery issues

    Hi guys, I recently got my first Spro so I am new to the forum! :) I purchased the 2017 i5 8/256GB version of the Surface. Overall it is super sleek and beautiful, however I have noticed that any time i use the pen (for as little as writing in one note for 15+ish minutes) I immediately notice...
  14. M

    External battery

    Hi, I looked for a similar thread but apparently this is the first one. I need to use my Surface at school when I can't use the original charger, so I thought that an external battery would be perfect. Anyway i found 1 battery for Surface on the Internet but I'm not really convinced it works. Do...
  15. S

    New Surface pro (5) battery issue

    My new surface pro's battery only last 5-6 hours, is it normal? And I also got the auto hibernate issue.:(
  16. D

    Samsung AA-PB9NC6W replacement doubts

    Hi all I have a two year old Samsung AA-PB9NC6W laptop. For the past couple of months, the battery has begun to seriously deteriorate in performance... If the laptop is switched off with full power, by the time I boot, only 5 minutes is now available before it turns off... Hence, I am looking...
  17. A

    Surface pro 3 replacement?

    Has anyone had their surface pro (expired warranty) fixed or replaced for free by Microsoft after the updates didn't fix the battery issues? I've tried EVERYTHING. And all i have left is to go to a MS store which is 3 hours away and see what they can do, but i'm not willing to pay $450 dollars...
  18. S

    2017 Pro - m3 smaller battery than i5?

    I'm thinking of upgrading to the new (2017) Surface Pro. I have a i5 Pro4, but the main reason is to get better battery life. Does the m3 have any better battery life than the i5? The specs list no difference. I might assume it does, but then I see that the m3 is 20g lighter than the i5. Does...
  19. P

    Pen Battery Finally Ran Out

    Just wanted to chime in to say that my SP4 pen mysteriously stopped working while taking some notes during a meeting on Monday. I went without my pen for 2 more days while waiting for some AAAA batteries to arrive from Amazon (got 8 for $5.40 CAD) and just changed the battery now. Pen is working...
  20. P

    Surface Pen connected but not working correctly

    Hey guys, I have a really stupid problem, my Surface Pen is connected about Bluetooth, but when I press the Button to open OneNote or take a screenshot or something else, than it happens nothing. Some time everything is fine, but mostly nothing happens. The interesting thing is, the Pen is...