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Battery Life difference between i5 and i7


I have a chance to get a cheap i7, and wouldn't mind the Iris graphics, but I'm concerned about the battery life. From what I've seen from some comparisons, the battery life is about 1 - 1.5 hours shorter on the i7 than the i5. Is that the general consensus here as well?


Never mind, decided the additional price and battery sacrifice too much, so back to i5/8/256. Hopefully I'll have one of those problem-free ones...


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I have both (i5/8/256 and i7/16/512). The real difference is ~30 minutes or so. That's for normal web/office use. It's getting worse for more processor depended tasks (like Adobe Lightroom or Premiere) - i7 does tasks much quicker but also shorten battery life. No free lunch...
Anyway I'm really happy with my i7 and definitely not going back to i5.

BTW Today I spent whole day in the office on the battery; 6:22 up time, 21% power left. i7 does the job nicely.
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