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I have the 64 gig RT purchased in the USA.The problem is that the battery lasts less than 24 hours even if it's closed and not being used (i.e. on stand-by). If I'm using it I get barely an hour. I do have the screen fairly bright. Was told by salesman that it should last 6-8 hours in use, 4 hours or so watching video and up to 10 days or so when on stand-by.
Don't think there is any programme running full time as I shut them down.

I would welcome any thoughts.

Do you have any process pegging the CPU? Take a look at the Task Manager and see if anything is running constantly that might be chewing through your battery. Otherwise your battery most likely has a problem and you need to contact tech support.
On full charge I watched 3 movies and still had juice, I can get a full day of regular use out of it.
Deffinitely Theres something running in background, try refreshing the device, or uninstall some apps with news feed.. It may update way too often, had issues like this with appy geek (possibly)
You may have already tried this, but try simply turning the Surface off. Press and hold the button at the top right, which will turn the Surface off rather than closing the cover which causes it to sleep. This is basically a reboot. Rebooting has cured a bunch of minor issues I've accumulated with my Surface.
I would also suggest turning on airplane mode when mot using WiFi so the radio isn't draining the battery, but honestly it sounds like maybe you got one with a defective battery. I would do as suggested and contact tech support.
Thanks to all for the feedback. I think that I had music playing in the background. I tried the re-boot, re-charged and with limited use I'm still at 60% after 3 days. It is very easy to leave something running so be careful all.

It's still Windows, albeit a "light" version, so the easiest troubleshooting step is always a reboot! Glad it worked for you.
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