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Before I purchase...


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Going to get a surfact RT this week (still contemplating on the 32gb or 63gb though) always, From the info ive gotten , I cannot run Itunes on the RT? So that means my ipod wouldnt be compatible?


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In general, you can't run desktop applications like iTunes on the RT. Microsoft Office 2013 Home & Student is an exception.


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Thanks for the response, Do apps exist for RT that will let me sync my iPod?

You can check the store links in my signature but I don't think so. There are lots of other options generally not involving iPods which are locked to Apple's proprietary transfer methods (iTunes or apps that replicate it) instead of being simple drag and drop devices.


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You won't be able to run iTunes and I am pretty sure there is no such app that will offer the same functionality. The surface RT however does have a usb drive that will allow you to read anything with internal flash storage.

One recommendation is you can try a tablet with a clover trail intel chip. They say they run faster than the ARM based chip that is in the surface RT AND you can run any normal windows desktop applications such as iTunes. By the way, if I were to ever get a clover trail tablet, I'd go for the ASUS Smart tablet which offers the most bang for your buck in the clover trail category