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I am thinking About moseying down to Staples tomorrow, to pick up a surface RT.

I want to use it mostly for college work, as something that I can carry instead of my full size laptop, but I have a few questions on functionality.

Can the surface upload to websites similar to the way that you would only traditional desktop? Sometimes we have to submit things that we have typed during class, so I want to make sure that I have that functionality available

Also, touch versus type covers, what do you have and or what do you recommend

Any info will be greatly appreciated

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You should be able to upload things online without any problems.
I have not used both covers so I can not speak about a comparison between them.

Edit: I don't think that most stores have them in stock yet so you may want to confirm that your Staples has them before you go. I have been told that Best Buy will not have them in stores until Sunday, the 16th.
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Uploading to a website is going to depend on the website, but shouldn't be a problem. As for the touch vs. type cover, the type cover provides a similar experience to a traditional keyboard. The touch cover doesn't provide any tactile feedback, but is thin and light and handy to have for the times that the on-screen keyboard is not enough. Best thing is to try both and see which you prefer.
I'd suggest if you plan to use your RT with a keyboard the majority of the time then get the Type cover. Ten bucks more, slightly thicker, but very easy to type on.
I second bosamar, if you are going to do any significant amount of typing, the type cover is the best choice, no contest.
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Thanks for all the info

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You should not have any problem uploading to websites. Since that is a browser function, Surface has a full version of IE10 so uploading will be a breeze.

I have the type cover and love it. You get the feel of a traditional keyboard with great tactical feedback.

I have used my Surface for about a month at work and for play and I love it. In my situation, much more functional that an iPad, ie USB, Office, card slot.
I have the touch cover, but I am aiming for the type cover since I'll be able to type better like that of a laptop. I still type fast on the touch cover, but find myself hitting backspace a lot to fix my errors. As for uploading documents for assignments, my college uses BlackBoard, and the upload function works fine. I don't think you will have any problems with that