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Belkin 4-Port Ultra Mini Hub REVIEW for the Surface pro.


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Hello, I recently bought the Belkin 4-port hub as the surface only comes with only one USB port, although it is USB 3.0.
I bought specifically this one since it's only 10 bucks, and seemed to fit my purposes, from a keyboard to a mouse.
It works as expected, but it has some problems.

Some general information about the product:
It is small, the cable is only 13cm (5,10 inches) long, and the main hub is 4x5cm, or 4x2''.
The thickness of the hub is about the same size as a normal USB hub, a size you should expect.
Now the USB's in question are USB 2.0, so it's up to you if you really need more speed or not.

Belkin USB hub paint.jpg

As you know, Surface's USB hub is on it's left side, kinda high up. And since the cable is so short, it barely hits the table, and may look awkward after plugged in with other devices. I know Belkin as a company I trust, as a company that makes high quality accessories, and even though this particular device is low on price, it still shows it's maker.
When you plug the device in, a small green light shows up quickly to show that it's on and ready to go.
For some it may feel like a cheap device when held, as it's fairly lightweight, and a typical looking all black product. It has no special details, but for that price you really cant complain.

Update: Some odd thing I noticed after some use. I connected my belkin to the surface, and then plugged my mouse in to the belkin.
After a while I connected my Iphone to the surface to transfer some files. Windows showed the iphone in ''my computer'', but the icon was a picture of my mouse.. so it seems like it mixed the two up. No big deal, everything worked, but still, odd.


PROS: Small, portable, cheap, lightweight, works instantly, no drivers needed.
CONS: Feels cheap, too short?, not ugly, but definitely not beautiful either.

Product link to Belkin's official site: USB 2.0 4-Port Ultra Mini Hub


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Luckily I've managed to find a way round almost everything without having to use a hub, I just find them messy... when I do have to use additional peripherals (such as my Belkin iPhone dock) I actually Blu-Tack stuff down :)