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Best YouTube app with offline support?

I've played around with a bunch of apps from the store but none of them seem to be great. Hyper seems to be among the most polished, but some of the most critical features are behind the paywall so I can't test them. I like the way you can specify what resolution you want to consume by default--that's really important.

I don't mind paying for a good app... and I need good downloaded video support. Can anyone vouch for the paid version of Hyper, or give a strong recommendation for an alternative?


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I don't think "good" and "youtube app" even belong together when it comes to the windows App Store. I'm still looking for a youtube app that even looks semi decent. I wish the windows App Store wasn't so.... Bad and lacking.

Is there any planned support from the big guys!?


The big guys won't give me what I need... Offline viewing. Google doesn't even allow that on Android, in their official app. I am sure they have a long list of legal reasons why offline viewing is impossible.

I finally ended up using Hyper, it seems to be the best YT app for Metro. You have to pay $3 to unlock the ability to download, but the UI is decent and the app seems stable. There are other YT apps that include downloading, and are free, but they have poor support for choosing which resolution you want to get and are more buggy overall. (I think the best free app is Prime Tube, but it still isn't very good.)


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Hyper seems to no longer be available - even without the offline viewing criteria, I can't seem to get *anything* to work. That's just crazy.

Does anyone have any updated suggestions? The two top hits are MetroTube and PrimeTube, neither of which will play any videos at all...