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Camera Alternative vs Default Camera App

Luis Floriano18

New Member

So I just got a Surface Go - for doing reports ( with pictures )
I was previously using an older Surface Pro ( 3+ years old I think.. ) works great but its big and battery life is only lasting few hours..

What I noticed immediately was the poor quality of the photos.

I was planning to send it back thinking that it was just a bad unit - but I wen to the store and tested several other machine on display. ( For the most part they seem like they were a bit better than my machine... )

Finally came across "Camera Alternative" on MS store.. ( The Quality of the photos is definably better.. but more importantly... it consistently take good photos.. ) vs the default Camera App. Just get to many fuzzy\blurry pics.

The simple solution would be to start using the "Camera Alternative App" .. Only problem with it is..
Has limited options.. ( it only seem to support 16:9 and I'm using 4:3 ) not big deal could work around it.

But they made the shutter button super tiny.. unlike the stock app. ( button is about size of dime)

So its a pain to take a photo .. sometimes.. I have to hit the button like.. 10 times before it activates...

Looking to see if anyone .. has had similar situation..

Any other "alternative apps.. " I think the hardware ( camera is ok) looking like its just the app ( software ) that needs some work...