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Bible Study on Surface

My surface has been nearly perfect for my needs. I'm a word processor user not a computer user. Except that one thing

I need a Bible Study app that allows me to use a Greek/Hebrew lexicon. I've used LOGOS on my computer, and the Strong's lexicon is what I'm accustomed to. I don't have experience with others, but I'm sure they're as good. Anyone know of an app that would meet those needs?
Thanks, steveyrock, The store has been around over a year now. While it's certainly better than it was to begin with (in terms of more offerings anyway) its still not particularly easy to use and find what you're looking for.

I'll check HeavenWord out.
Laridian has a version that will work on the Surface 2 but e-Sword is still an x86 program that would require the Pro.
But lets be clear, that the OP hasn't informed us if he using the Surface 2 or Pro 2. If OP is using the Pro or Pro 2 e-Sword is in play, if OP is using the Surface 2, then only those available in the Store are in play.
Laridian looks like your best bet then....Also it looks like Logos has 3 Apps in the Store (just search Logos), I haven't used them.