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Surface RT for presentation (in my case preaching)

I bought my Surface to be my primary computing device, which I believe will work for me, because the primary purpose for which I use a computer is word processing. Most of my word processing is the preparation of sermons and bible studies for my congregation. I also use the internet, and available software (in this case apps) for bible study. I have not used my computing devices in the past to present the sermons, because they were not convenient for that purpose.

I'm really pleased, so far, with the version of office that came with the Surface. It is a high quality word processor. I haven't learned the differences between it and Office 2007, which is what I was using. One difference I have found is the reader view. I can type my sermon in Word, the put it in reader, which allows me to advance a page at a time by touching the screen, and if I see something I want to edit I can put it back in edit.

I'm gonna like this.



surface is truly awesome, even though I just got the newest iPad with retina, I do most of my work on the surface. The ipad is another unit I can use for media storage.


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It may become a permanent fixture on your pulpit! So easy to use and very versatile. Merry Christmas.