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Bill Gates is/was smarter than Steve Jobs


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After this interview:
An emotional Bill Gates details his last visit with Steve Jobs | The Verge
Charlie Rose interviews 'Bill Gates 2.0' on 60 Minutes: the man after Microsoft

I agree with this ranking:
Genius IQs - Hmolpedia

And remember:
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Been saying this for years - MS was there fist, had the Toshiba Portege M200 about a decade ago, cracking device... I would say the surface pro is the perfect evolution. I guess we have to thank apple for making the tablet cool so that MS could re-launch a functional one!


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Last summer I tried the first iPad with retina display. I thought: at last a good display, very comfortable to use... but it's like a big phone! I can't do a lot of things that I can do with a PC! I don't want to switch between TWO machines all the time, i want both advantages in the same machine. I dreamed with something like Surface Pro before knowing its existence, so...