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sharing my BestBuy experience


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Hi all,

I wanted to share my experience at BestBuy with you.

where: BestBuy of Place Laurier - Québec city - Canada
when: yesterday night
why: exchange of my SP3

Well, we all read a bunch of good or bad opinions concerning BestBuy. Being the only store that sells the SP3 in my lovely province of Québec, I was "forced" to go there to buy my device ten days ago (I wanted to have it in my hands before buying it).

I was a little scared about a few things (heat, fan, does it worth the price, haven't used windows since 2004, bla bla bla) but the 14 days return policy of BestBuy (wich is 16 days less than MS's policy) made me comfortable when the moment to sign the bill came.

I loved my SP3 at the first sight, despite the "almost without resistance kickstand". Dammit, I almost picked the good one.

After 7 days, back to BB, showed them the kickstand, and the guy, let's call him Mister White (or Walter, if you want), a senior manager, told me not to worry, my device will be exchanged as soon as possible. Perfect mister White, thank you, bye.

Walter called me yesterday to tell me that my new thingy was ready to be picked-up. Like a kid, I went to BestBuy almost running - get out of my way you stupid tourist - took my 2nd SP3 and went to my office to take advantage of the really good wifi connection to make all the updates quickly. I unboxed the SP3, and hum, it was like the screen was elastic. Weird, my first SP3 didn't feell the same. I unwrapped the tablet and had a close look at the screen (it was around the camera area). The glass was moving enough to put my nail behind it and start to pull the screen a little bit off the frame. But the kickstand was good. Dammit, again.

"Hi mister White, it's me again, yep you are not dreaming, you saw me 20 minutes ago." Of course, the light inside the store was not the same as the one in my office. I struggled to convince him that there was little a gap that maybe one day could become a canyon. Who knows ? But I was really polite and nice, and Walter agreed to open a new one to compare. "Well, it works for me buddy, go ahead.". Walter went to the back of the store, picked a new box, and opened it in front of me. He was holding the box upside down. Yes. Upside down. What had to arrived, well .. arrived. --> a brand new i5 256 8 SP3 did a nice faceplant on the floor. "Hum mister White, that was a mistake level beginner"(FYI, I don't know if the SP3 was broken or not, but I guess it didn't improve it).

Mister white was so embarassed that he went at the back of the store, grabbed 2 boxes of SP3 and opened them. "Hey Walter, calm down" - "calme toi" in French . He told me to chose the one I wanted. Both of these SP3 were perfect.

Mister White was really professional and told me that if anything was wrong again, to come for another exchange - "you wanna take the risk, you are sure ? It's your last word, you don't call a friend ?"

So the exchange of one device cost him 3 new devices (the first item sent by MS, the one that Walter dropped, and the one that he opened but that I didnt chose because I took the other one). Walter was absolutely nice and professional from A to Z despite all the chaos my exchange has created in his little world. And he told me to do not hesitate to come back if something was wrong again.

Moral of the story: big thumbs up for the BestBuy @ Place Laurier in Québec city.

PS: also, the cashier was really beautiful. It has to be mentioned. I know that you guys are sensitive to these kind of important details.

Thanks for reading !
If there are any problems with the device that Microsoft supplied to them, they can actually refund it from Microsoft so that shouldn't be a problem with any retailer.
you are extremely lucky... Glad it all worked out for you... I got banned and the clerk was a tattooed monstrosity, or a nervous wreck of what might be considered a man.
I think I've read about your really bad experience somewhere in the forum. I hope it finally turned out well for you.
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I think I've read your really bad experience. I hope it finally turned out well for you.
Got my money back but I am still banned from the store, told by one manager if I enter uninvited I will get trespassing charges. My local Best Buy isn't the most friendly of places.
Got my money back but I am still banned from the store, told by one manager if I enter uninvited I will get trespassing charges. My local Best Buy isn't the most friendly of places.

No way. How come such a think could be possible ??? Is that even legal ?
Technically they can ban you for whatever they want and if you go in it's trespassing. I am going to call the bbb but that's really not going to accomplish anything. Best I can do is spread the word locally and hope my friends and family no longer shop there. They are losing out on what I consider tons of money each year, from me, but they don't care. So now if its not at costco I'm buying online.
I had a good experience with BestBuy too. The guy at the Surface counter is extremely knowledgeable about the Surface, answered lots of questions the first time I looked at it. I went back the next weekend and bought it. He showed me some nice tricks, things I never knew about the SP 1 even. I've been back a couple of times and he's answered more questions about the dock and other things. One time I was there and he was busy with other customers and I answered questions for a couple looking at the SP3 and they were very impressed. I've never had problems at this store. OTOH, I went to the Windows kiosk at the nearby mall to ask questions after I got first SP and the chick there was too busy looking at her phone, looked like Android, to notice me. When she did come over, I started to ask a question and she interrupted me and started arguing with me about something unrelated to what I asked about.