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Bizarre hibernation problems


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My SP2 will no longer hibernate when sleeping, but instead it wakes up. Actually, it does seem to enter hibernation, but then it immediately wakes from hibernation (the "Surface" logo and spinny dots are displayed). Another strange side effect of this behavior is that the "System" process seems to go crazy after waking causing 25%-30% CPU utilization. The system process does not seem "settle" on its own and only a restart will return the CPU utilization to normal.

Windows has no idea what caused the wake up - powrcfg /lastwake gives no cause for the wake up. I have also tried disabling and re-enabling hibernation (powercfg /h) to no avail.

Also, when I manually enter hibernation, it will successfully hibernate, but I am still stuck with the runaway system process after it wakes up.

I had disabled hibernation in the power plan because it was occasionally causing the the display driver to crash. I figured that I would re-enable hibernation after the recent update to see if the driver problems went away.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
This happened to me immediately after installing the update. I put it in my bag for the drive home and by the time I arrived, the machine was incredibly hot
I was a bit peeved to find that my SP2 had been "grinding away" for about five hours before I got to it and it was quite warm. I am glad that I am not completely alone with this problem, but it does not seem to be a pervasive issue. I did not experience any hibernation issues with the SP1, but I have had hibernation problems with the SP2 from the beginning. I guess, I am back to leaving the hibernation disabled.
Same issues here. The high CPU was happening before the update and seemed to be tied to the audio driver and the microSD card. Upon waking from sleep the CPU would idle at around 20%, the majority being caused by system interrupts. If the SD card was not installed or if the audio driver were disabled the problem would not occur.

Since the update the problem is worse as the Surface will wake from sleep on its own. Idle CPU use is higher (25%+) with 2 processes (system and system interrupts) being the majority culprits. Latencymon lists apci.sys as the problem driver.

Post update disabling the audio driver only prevents the system interrupts' high CPU use. Removing the SD card seems to stop both (and prevent the random wake from sleep). So for now my SD card stays in the case. A fix would be great but at this point I'd settle for MS at least acknowledging the problem.
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My SP2 also seems to be randomly waking up from sleep as well after the update. I'm down to 12% battery and have only used mine today for like 15 mins. I noticed something odd when I got up and it was at 68% battery and the screen was on. Before this update I've been getting awesome battery life. This is definitely annoying. I wonder if we could revert the update
I've been having hibernation issues since the update as well, it will no longer hibernate automatically after the set time and if I manually put it into hibernation it wakes up randomly, it also wakes randomly front the 'sleep' state.

The event viewer shows an information event stating "The system has returned from a low power state. Wake source: Unknown"

I posted the issue on the Microsoft support site but it seems to have disappeared, no idea why they would delete it?!