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Return of the Sleep/Hibernate Mode Fails


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Some potentially relevant background information...

About two months ago, I noticed that if I flipped my Type Cover 2 back behind the SP2, it would go to sleep. After talking with Microsoft support, and testing with other SP2s, it became apparent that my Type Cover was damaged, and flipping it backwards was registering as a flip forwards, causing the 'Close the Lid' event on the Surface. I was one month out of warranty, and Microsoft's recommended fix was to disable any action on 'Lid Close' and to use the power button manually. So I have done that.

Today, I installed the System Firmware Update released on 5/19/2015. This may or may not be related. But today, all sorts of old issues began to resurface.

1 - when my SP2 has, while unplugged, passed the time to enter sleep, if I hit the power button, the fan kicks in and the device crashes. I have to then hit power again, and it wakes up - although the hibernation state has saved. Except, it's not set to hibernate while unplugged.

2 - I brought my SP2 home from work and left it out on my table. Came back to it 7 hours later and found it warm to the touch. Upon starting it up, the device was at 12% battery - it had either not gone to sleep, or had woken itself up, and continued to run and drain battery on its own, screen off and everything.

My current (basic) plan settings are:
Turn off display: 2 minutes
Go to sleep: 5 minutes

Turn off display: 10 minutes
Go to sleep: 30 minutes

Hybrid Sleep: enabled
Hibernate on battery: Never
Hibernate when plugged in: 180 minutes

So it seems like the device is completely ignoring my power settings in all sorts of ways. I'm frustrated. I know there are a bunch of threads on this subject from 2013 and 2014, because I used to have these issues and they eventually had gone away with various firmware updates. Why have they returned?! Has anyone got some new ideas? Maybe I missed some key new thing everyone has set up on their devices.

P.S. I want to get an SP4, if and when they come out, but I'll feel guilty as hell if I sell my SP2 knowing it still has all kinds of issues.

EDIT: Is there some way to use powercfg -energy to diagnose application issues?
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