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Blue Screen of Death


Hi everyone!
I've been having my SP2 for about 3 weeks. Throughout these weeks, I've had a blue screen of death 3-4 times (which makes an average of 1 blue screen per week). The last one was 10 min ago, telling me the computer had to be rebooted because of a DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. That's the 2nd time I get this error. The other times the error was something about Watchdog Violation, or something similar.

I bet the Driver Power State Failure is related to the faulty December 10th firmware. I hope I never see it again when they release the new update after Christmas.

Am I the only one having those Blue Screens? It's quite frustrating. I hadn't seen a Blue Screen of Death for many years. None of my "modern" computers have ever had a blue screen, however, with my brand new SP2 I'm experiencing them every week.

Is it just me, or is it happening to everyone with the faulty firmware?



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It is one of the impacts that some are seeing from the failed firmware. Update is supposed to be coming in January.


I haven't heard about anybody having bluescreens due to the broken driver. I didn't ever have one, but had all kinds of broken driver related issues.
A bluescreen is about hardware defects. In a normal PC you'd start replacing RAM, graphics card etc. Since you can't do this with your SP2 I'd return it.


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There has been similar reports on the Official Support Forums..... The DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE is typically a Power Management Driver issue. The issue with the Firmware is it included Power Management, Wireless and GPU updates and depending when it failed could impact one or more systems.


I've had a couple of BSODs to go along with my crash on wakes - and this is an improvement since I changed everything to hibernate instead of sleep
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