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Blue screen nightmare


Here lately I have been getting the Blue Screen of Death more frequently. Just reading and composing email, or browsing the web triggers it.
Nothing really processor intensive, just normal mobile app processes. Its really starting to bother me. I've had to factory reset my Surface Pro 4-5 times since purchasing it last May. Now at least 3-4 times a day I get a "Critical Structure Corruption" blue screen error.
Other issues I have are:
While typing on forums, the cursor and on screen keyboard jump erratic, even typing this message I have issues with the on screen keyboard jumping around.

Anyone else having these issues?


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factory reset should have gotten rid of any nasty programs
might be ram or ssd going bad
got a pro 2 128gb I only get a blue screen when loading a steam game without restarting first to clear the memory


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That really sounds like a hardware failure. You should contact MS tech support, and they'll probably RMA it.


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Yup can only echo what others have said, probably a faulty SSD. It seems that Microsoft's support is very good with these so give them a try!