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Bluetooth again and again "gone" :-(


I am having an issue with my Surface Pro 8 (actually I had this with all Surface Pro model I had so far: 3, 4, 5, 7, and now 8):
From time to time Bluetooth is "gone". The mouse, the headphone and whatever is connected via BT is then not working anymore and also the Bluetooth icon is gone from the taskbar as well.
Sometimes it helps to disable/re-enable Bluetooth in the settings (when the button is still there - often that toggle has disappeared as well), sometimes it helps to restart the "Bluetooth Support Service" (in services.msc) and sometimes the only measure is to reboot the system. :-(

This is so darn annoying and it's really a shame that MS doesn't get its act together (over years!) and makes their BT drivers more reliable!

I am considering writing me a script that tries all the mentioned attempts to re-animate BT.
I know how to restart a service using PowerShell, but does someone know how to disable/enable BT? I mean the equivalent of toggling BT off/on via Settings but via PowerShell?