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Wonky bluetooth performance on SB2


Anyone else feeling like the bluetooth functionality is kind of wonky on the Surface Book 2 (and possibly others)? I have a couple of BT devices with various problems:

  • Logitech mouse - works fine.
  • Bluetooth speakers, stops working sometimes, audio turns stuttery, video can sometimes stutter as well. Can sometimes be fixed by changing the audiosource to the Realtek (computer spekaers) output and then back after a few seconds.
  • Surface Headphones, while simultaneuolsy connected to my Huawei P20 Pro, call audio can turn bad. Best described as loss of bandwith. People start sounding like robots, turning off BT on the computer fixes it.
Anyone experiencing anything similar? I am running Windows 10 with the latest drivers I think (I let windows update). Running latest creator stable NVIDIA drivers for the Geforce card.


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I think this is similar to what I experienced with all 7 Surface 3 devices, 2 Surface Pro 2017 devices connected to two different Audi A3s.
Sometimes Bluetooth connection is lost for a while and it has to reconnect. Sometimes a reboot is the only thing that helps and in even fewer occasions I have to park the car, get out, lock it and only after starting everything back up it works again.
What is playing doesn't show up on the display of the car and I cannot control the music using the car's controls.

On both my Samsung Galaxy S8 phones I have no connectivity issues, everything shows on the display and the car's controls work perfectly!

Not sure if this is a Windows or a Surface issue.