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Bluetooth/Arc Mouse Surface problems


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Is anyone experiencing Bluetooth issues? I purchased the Arc Mouse to use with my Surface 2 and since first pairing it repeatedly loses connection to the Surface. At first I thought it was the batteries or the mouse so I put new batteries in and didn't help, turning off Bluetooth and trying to turn it back on is what led me to believe its a Bluetooth issue and not the mouse. When I try to turn Bluetooth back on it will spin for a while and then disappears, even the menu item "Bluetooth" disappears from PC Settings. A restart will usually get the mouse on again but only to lose connection shortly after. I have done a system refresh which had it working great for a day and then today after a few updates from MS the same problem is back. I also noticed other experiencing the same problem on the MS support site as well as a few other Bluetooth related issues.

Wondering if any one here are experiencing similar issues? Although the refresh is a great idea and seems to cure woes it isn't something you want to do weekly, or should have to, additionally it doesn't take you back to where you were on the device there are plenty of things that need to reset like tiles and other settings.