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Bluetooth connection problems with both BT keyboard and mouse

I have read all the issues related to troubles with the Microsoft Sculp Comfort Mouse and have expirenced the same problems and tried the solutions given.

When I use my Pro 3 with only the Sculpt Comfort Mouse everything Work fine.

I have also bought a Lenovo KT-1255 Bluetooth Keyboard. When I attach this device then my Mouse starts to give me troubles in the same way as descriped in here with 3-5 seconds with no response. When both devices is attched the keyboard Works fine all the time and the mouse gives be trouble all the time. When i powerthe keyboard of, the mouse Works just fine Again.

Any suggestions of what to do?

Will a Lenovo BT mouse Work better?



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I also had a problem with my Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse and Microsoft Wedge Keyboard. I'm not sure the issue is fixed, but I haven't had problems for a while. I followed my husbands advice, and it seems to be working. When I power on my SP3, I only have the keyboard powered on. After my SP3 has completely booted up, then I turn on the mouse. Then both devioces function properly.

But that doesn't solve my problem.

The Lenovo ThinkPad KT-1255 BT keyboard is actually also a "mouse" due to its built in TrackPoint. But I hobe and believe that both devices could work at the same time.


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I also have the Thinkpad Bluetooth Keyboard with the Trackpoint. I had no problems with the keyboard since I first purchased it back in October but starting about a week ago I started experiencing the unresponsiveness. I don't use an external mouse, just the Trackpoint. As long as I keep the keyboard plugged into the charger I have no issues.

It seems like the problem appeared after I installed the January updates but did not happen immediately - more like a week afterwards.
I have found the problem, and is actually a little embarrassed.

I found out that I haven't installed the driver for the Sculpt Comfort Mouse. After installing it everything Works just fine.