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Boot issues caused by removing Linux


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Hi all, so I recently tried to install Ubuntu (dualbooting) onto my surface just to give it a try and I ended up deciding to switch back because the computer would boot to Ubuntu by default without asking.
So, in a stroke of stupidity, I simply got rid of the Ubuntu partition. Now, I have the issue where my computer attempts to boot into the nonexistent Ubuntu partition. I tried installing rEFInd to bypass UEFI but I still get the same problem.

Any help?
I had this happen once on my PC. I think it had to do with Linux editing the MBR, but not fully removing itself when uninstalled. I can't recall how I fixed it, but it is a common problem so a quick Google search should come up with some results on fixing it.
Remember, the Surface operating system is installed on a GPT disk, so no MBR; well just a protective MBR. So you would have to boot the system into WinPE using a Windows 8 UEFI install image on a USB stick or just a vanilla UEFI WinPE image. Then run BCDEDIT and select the proper values for the device in windows boot manager, probably partition=\device\harddiskvolume2. And then in boot loader verify both device and osdevice are set to partition=C: That will probably do it. Just make sure it is a valid UEFI boot or BCDEDIT will not be able to find the BCD.