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bose mini bluetooth soundlink


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just got it today. haven't played with any other Bluetooth speakers. just went off the rave reviews.
have old Logitech usb powered clip on set of speaker to compare it to $219 vs $50
not impressed sofar bass is weak muddy highs distorted.
anyone listen to the jawbone and give your view on it
think this thing is going back


I thought it sounded pretty darn good considering the size. Have you tried using different media players or playing with equalization? That could make all the difference.


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Not yet it sounds best at 25 to 33% max volume the bass just gets overpowered by the highs at that point.
The eq on media player is garbage disabled it tried out a few flac files Madonna mdna seems to be a poorly recorded album from the get go.
Is there a good music app with decent eq that you would suggest


I'm pretty new to Windows, so I'm probably not the best person to ask, but Foobar seems to be pretty popular (although very ugly).

For what it's worth, I went with this instead of the Bose, but mostly because it was cheaper: UE MINI BOOM | Ultimate Ears
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