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Buy Pro 3 or wait for Pro 4

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Hey guys,

I m considering buying the Pro 3 as its price has gone down to an affordable level for me.
The problem is there are quite a lot of rumors about the upcoming Pro 4... so what is your opinion? Should I wait for the Pro 4 or buy the Pro 3? What do you think how much will the Pro 4 costs when it first hits the shops?



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It may be a little cheaper than the sp3, but that is just an unfounded opinion. Assume that it will be roughly the same price as the SP3

At this point in time, there really isn't much of a reason to buy a sp3 instead of waiting for the sp4 in my opinion. Unless price is a main priority, or you do not forsee any use case that the sp3 would not happily accomodate.
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