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It is not about "nothing to hide, I am innocent", it is about your right to privacy. Rights that was battled for year after year after year. Your personal day to day activity is your right to be private, and not for collecting, building a profile that knows you more then your mother, and selling it to anyone without your knowledge. It is your basis rights which you are willingly allowing to be violated.

You are great choices of web browsers:
-> Firefox
-> Opera (uses same engine as Chrome now. S it is basically the same web browser these days)
-> And in Windows 10 you have the super fast Edge web browser (tested, really impressive!). Add-ons support will be coming as well (sadly after Windows 10 is released, but not too late), using the same add-on technologies as Firefox and Chrome.

That is my point. I am willingly allowing it because I don't care. If you value your right to privacy, then as I stated, there are alternatives. Noone forces me to use chrome. As I say, chrome is for specific use cases, so I really couldn't care less, not sure how some 3rd party knowing I was watching fail army last night is going to have an effect on my life. I forgo my right to privacy every time I walk outside of the front door. There is even a cctv camera above our wall. Doesn't bother me either.

As to battery life, it has never proved an issue. Chrome has never effected me that badly as to have to use a different browser to get through the day. My beef with chromes use of resources is based on nothing more than it tends to get my fan running.