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Buy Surface Go 4 - where



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Thank you. I don't understand Microsoft. I am a loyal customer of surface devices and then suddenly Microsoft decides that the Go 4 is "for business", while it is the ideal travel companion. I was soo much looking forward to the new upgraded CPU with 4 cores. It was a huge disappointment and now I'm afraid that Microsoft will discontinue the Surface Go product line overall. The sales strategy is very similar to what happened with Windows Mobile ... They suddenly stopped selling the Microsoft Phone and was "for business only", as it was intended to sell stock and close down the product line.
So my question is, should I invest in a Surface Go 4 upgrade or shall I stick with my current Surface Go 3. I don't want to purchase a Surface Laptop Go 3, because the form factor doesn't fit in airplanes, neither in trains when sitting in a train compartment or in a train seat with a rather small front table. The Surface Go product line is the ideal form factor for travel. Now that the device got more powerful, more people would be encouraged to buy it. It looks to me like Microsoft does not believe anymore in it. And with Panay leaving, it does not encourage me believing into otherwise ...

Where can I ask Microsoft this question: What is the future of the Surface Go product line for Microsoft? Will there be a Surface Go 5 or even 6? And will this product ever return for retail consumers?