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Can anyone explain this to me please?

What is adaptive hibernation?

Every time I put my SP4 to sleep, it "dozes" to hibernate after 30-40 minutes and when I run the sleepstudy, it says it "Dozed to hibernate since it predicted the user to be away..."

I have it never to hibernate under the power settings but I guess this "adaptive hibernation" thing over rides it?


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I'm pretty new to the surface world, so this could be something completely different :D But I have a setting I can tick "save energy when the device detects that the user is away" or something. Sounds a lot like what you are describing?
Also I think you can set the full hibernate timer (the mode that requires a 5sec boot time) in the legacy energy options. On mine it was set to 120min by default. So if I put it down and don't use it for 2h it will enter hibernation. Works very consistently for me so far, felt no need to change that.