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Trackpad and touchscreen issues since anniversary update


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I use my SP4 daily and always do a full shut down at the end of the working day, never hibernate/sleep. Since the anniversary update, I'm finding the trackpad and touchscreen are unresponsive around half the time I boot the device. A restart via the keyboard fixes this every time and on reboot they both work fine for the rest of the day. Unplugging the keyboard cover and reconnecting doesn't fix the trackpad issue.

Anybody else experienced this or know of a fix, please?
I have a similar issue. I never shut down or reboot unless there's an update or other reason to do so, 99 % of the times I only go into sleep mode. But after the same update I keep loosing the touchscreen when the SP4 has been docked, maybe once a day or so (I go off and on the dock 5-10 times a day). I don't loose the trackpad, though. But I do not have to restart it to get it working again. It's enough to go to hibernation and then start it from there.