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Can I delete all the small recovery partitions?


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Hi guys! After I move the recovery partition to an usb flash drive using the windows procedure, I can't merge the free space on the ssd because of some small partition on the drive. It is the partition number 5 in the image below.

My question is: if I delete the partition 5, will I be able to reset my surface using the usb drive I have created before, or not? Why does this partition exists? Why it should be there just in order to prevent the partitions to be merged? I will never understand Microsoft's engeneers.


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this doesn't match up with the Partitions on my SP3. Maybe it was different on the original Surface Pro I don't know. OR Perhaps you installed something that created another partition... it would have reduced the Windows partition and used that space so it makes sense if that's what happened.

Recommended UEFI disk partitions are:
WinRE Tools min 300mb Required free space 50/320/1000 mb based on partition size
System min 100mb.
MSR 128mb
Windows varies
Recovery. varies (mine is 5.2gb)