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Can you use the Surface as a second screen or draw pad for another PC?


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hmmm... thanks for posting that machistmo.

A great ninja is one who can admit mistakes, and PervySage might've spoken too soon.
After more peeking (techinically it's "research"), Sketchbook Pro on Surface looks promising.

Been looking for another excuse to get a Surface Pro again (returned it after Photoshop/SurfacePro).
Perhaps will post another retraction after...


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I use sketchbook pro with my SP3 and it's great. I work in architectural design and it has since replaced my bamboo. But I could never get used to drawing while looking at another screen.


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Seems like it would be nice to be able to use the surface as a draw pad while using photoshop, or even an extended screen.
It will never be as great as the best drawing tablet monitor devices, but it will be good and way more portable. The latency is low so it feels quite natural.

I'm a graphics professional using Photoshop, Clip Studio, Daz Studio 3D, Indesign, Zbrush and Illustrator and I use it everyday. It has transformed my workflow even though I used to be a die-hard Mac and XP-Pen Artist 13.3 Pro ( xp-pen.com/product/464.html ) display drawing tablet user, but this device has freed me up immensely. Being able to work in the front room on the same device that I have on my desk at my job is sooooo liberating.