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Inconsistent Pressure Sensitivity in Photoshop CS6


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I just got the Surface Pro 2 256GB model yesterday. After installing Photoshop, this morning, I wanted to start doing some drawing with it. At first it was fine, but every now and then the pen would register full pressure when doing very light strokes.

Here is a video example:

Inconsistent Pressure using Surface Pro 2 with Photoshop CS6 - YouTube

The whole demostration, I'm touching the Surface very lightly. Right off the bat, it gives me full pressure. It then works well for a few strokes, then another full pressure blob is deposited. This makes drawing very difficult.

I've installed the tablet PC - Windows 8 drivers found here:
Legacy Drivers | Wacom
Version: TABLET PC – Enhanced Tablet Driver 7.1.1-16

One site said that was the one to install if you wanted to get pressure sensitivity working in Photoshop. And while it generally does, the inconsistent pressure is ruining the experience for me.

I tried the bundled "FreePaint" app, and could not get this behavior, so I'm assuming it is once again the specter of Microsoft and Adobe not playing nicely with each other.

Is there any way to fix this? The pressure sensitivity was the main draw to spend a lot more money on this as opposed to other tablets, so if I can't fix this, I'm sort of up in the air about whether or not to keep it... :(


P.S. I nearly posted in this thread, but it seems like my issues are a bit different than his: