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Canadian Surface Book Launch a Disaster



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The nature of these massive product launches is that people without issues will consider most criticism to be an overreaction, while people with significant issues will consider the whole product launch to be a failure. In fact, both propositions are true given the two different perspectives.

On the one hand, I am disappointed that I did not receive my SB, and I am frustrated at the incompetence of BestBuy and MS in failing to deliver my SB and in not providing me with any information whatsoever regarding their failure to deliver or an ETA for actual delivery.

On the other hand, I am relieved to not be spending hours and hours dealing with bugs and issues which will probably end up being fixed (but due to my nature I would be endlessly working on trying to fix myself in the meantime).

It does seem to be a bit of a lottery as to whether one gets a SB that works or one with problems. Although that is to be expected with any product launch, it seems from the frequency and type of problems people are having that MS did not ensure sufficient quality control in producing the SB's which it has delivered to date.

All in all for me, a frustrating and disappointing experience, and one which would give me reason to pause before rushing to buy another MS 1st gen product.


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Got the surface book replacement the next day. Working great with no issues. The first one was a disaster device