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Can't get a repair scheduled... (UK)


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Posting as I'm so frustrated with trying to get something fixed. I have a SP4 and although the battery reports 100% and shows the little plug icon in the system tray - if I remove the AC charger it shuts down immediately, and won't turn on unless the AC charger is connected.

SP4 is just over 2 years old, bought from the MS store in the UK. I'm already annoyed at the potential of having to pay £333 for a fix, but I can't even schedule a repair. If you go through the repair section of the website, it keeps forcing me to download and run the diagnostic tool. Not much good on my work Macbook! I tried running it on my SP4 but it gets to a point where it asks you to remove the charger - not much good when it shuts down.
The website says if the diagostic tool doesn't help, to go back to the page and schedule a repair. But going back to the page starts the cycle again - asking for your computer details and info on the problem, then asking you to run the tool
Its like I'm going through Groundhog day!

Anyone help me figure out how to get this scheduled for a repair?

Separately - anyone from the UK managed to get a repair without paying out hundreds of pounds, eg using consumer law argument that a £1000 item should work more than two years?


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Hi, I had something similar at the weekend when I could run the tool but the schedule repair kept taking me to an error page.

I scheduled a call-back and did it over the phone.

I too felt that the device had enough issues to warrant either free or more affordable service but in the end I stumped up the cash, £428 now!!


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What’s also very frustrating is that the Microsoft site defaults to en-US and when you go through to select payment method none of my options were there and I couldn’t add a new one because it would only accept US addresses. When you change the browser to en-GB your uk payment options show! They could make that more obvious!!!