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20 Feb I bought a i7 16/512Gb Surface book

Wow what a machine, beautiful display, fast and great keyboard. Loaded the updates and eagerly loaded my software. Then a week ago when started the Surface book cycles through tablet and laptop mode rendering the keyboard and ports useless, this happens every 15 seconds or so, Screen displays 'attached' and asks if I want to change to tablet mode.

Ran Anti virus Windows defender and Kaspersky
Cleaned the contacts
Charged both parts
turned the screen around
Two button restarts (So many that when I wave it is like Mr Sock)
Checked I had all updates
Ran the software repair tool
Ran the diagnostic tool
Run cleanmgr
Unloaded updates
Went to MS and found I still had warranty so I logged a repair order. But then I wasn't sent the return labels, chased this with support who cancelled the repair order pointing me to use a start up image (fixes 90% problems!).
No start up image is available from support site (message states 'no image available')
Contact support again they were going to send a usb image (didn't) suggested I send unit back (but still no labels. They did offer to send a unit out subject to a charge on my card refundable when they received mine.

So I reloaded the system, all seemed well apart from one occurrence, then restored an image (WindowsBackupImage) from before, all looked well no troubles all day all seemed fine, (I set the wifi to a metered connection to prevent auto updates).
Until this morning when it wouldn't run long enough for me to type my password. Problem seems intermittent sometimes following a start it works but often unworkable with the base attached

Today I created another repair order but guess what – No repair Labels I have spent hours with Mya, Deva N and Kriza on the support chats, and it looks likely that I will be back there shortly.

My question is what would you do? Hang on for a good update, Risk a warranty return (have read the horror stories) Run it as a really posh tablet (I now have the dock and that bit currently working so could access my rives etc) I really need a reliable machine preferably with keyboard so do I go buy a Dell or Hp and keep the Surface as a toy?
Are you near a Microsoft Store? If so it would be worth it to go there and get an exchange...
Are you near a Microsoft Store? If so it would be worth it to go there and get an exchange...
Sounds like a great idea. I believe there is one in London. I have a repair number could I just call in? even if it was just to deliver

In your earlier posts you mentioned this was a second hand SB you had purchased. Do you by any chance have a US Surface Book (doesn't have a £ symbol on the keyboard)..?

If so therein may lie your problem with returns. I purchased my SB in the US, registered it on the UK site whilst in the UK and when I started to get the dreaded yellow burn in screen tried to return it for a fix/replacement.

MS EMEA gave me the run around that the kit wasn't a "UK" SB so I would have to return it the US for a fix as it was "different". US said that the problem was with EMEA......

Long story short, it took until I escalated the issue to MS's PR department in the UK before they would stand by their warranty. Good thing too as I had to send the replacement back less than a month later for the same problem.......
Oh thanks everalm. Even second hand this has cost more than any of my previous computers. It is a uk computer.
I had hoped to get to London this weekend but due to a family emergency my trip has had to be cancelled (just for fun now trying for a refund on train tickets).
I am convinced the so called help line is just there to confound an delay.
I have had one more idea which I hope to try this evening, then back to support.
Really good news that you got yours sorted - gives me hope.
After many hours (I can understand that MS want to filter silly issues) 'chatting' to MS support I finally received the return labels. The return was super quick – I dropped it off on Thursday and the replacement was with me the following Wednesday morning.

The Replacement doesn't seem quite as good, much of this is due to emotion of being let down by my first SB – I am now super aware, (and sometimes I think I can see colour bleed at the very top edge of the screen), and I have a warranty period issue...

I did a quick look around for feedback and comments on support from other manufactures it would appear they have their fair share of naysayers too (But I could have almost two of those for same price)

As I write this I notice windows update has just failedo_O.

What would I do? Surface Book is a fantastic computer, the price is premium.

I would strongly advise not to buy second-hand if you don't have a modicum of knowledge. If I had my time over I would get one of the others but lust after the Surface Book.

Meanwhile: The SB (you choose your acronym) and I will continue to become acquainted hopefully confidence will grow and we will become colleagues.