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Car charger for the Pro


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Is there a cigarette lighter adapter for the Pro?

I searched, and there is apparently quite a few for the RT (12V/2A) but I'm not certain they would work. Strictly speaking, even if it can't charge the battery but can power the Pro, that would be enough.

Did anyone try an RT car adapter with the Pro?
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MikeGyver.com has car adapter and external battery at: Microsoft Surface External Battery & Car Adapter Charger .

A problem with this has been discussed previously on this forum (http://www.surfaceforums.net/forum/...-adapter-not-pro.html?highlight=MikeGyver.com) but I think the problem has been fixed.

Others have used 12V DC-to-120V AC power inverters to run the regular AC charger in their car.

Since getting my Surface Pro I have turned it into my only PC, plugging it into a Dell UltraSharp U2713H 27" Monitor running at 2560X1440 resolution via the miniDisplayport and a USB 3 9 port hub (with 3.25TBs of various HDs and a DVD burner) and use a wireless Logitech keyboard and MS mouse. So having a 2nd charger for my office or travel and as a back-up is critical. I looked into buying a third party (read:cheap) charger but when I read the comments posted about sparks and meltdowns, I ended up buying a 2nd MS charger for $80.