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External Battery Pack Option


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This is the link of the power bank I'd like to buy http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00BB5VQCE/ref=mw_dp_mpd?pd=1 which has a 12v / 4 A output. The cable is suited for 12 v / 2.5 A ...so will it work as well?

I also checked on amazon the specs of the previous cables (I know they don't work for the sp3) :
- RT version 12v / 2A
- pro versiob 12v/ 3.6 A

While the intocircuit has 12v/ 4 A due to I have seen few posts of people that have used the intocircuit I guess the Current quantity shouldn't be a problem, isn't it?


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The specs on the SP3 charger state Output 12v 2.58A which is likely more than the SP3 would typically draw charging to pass safety standards.

The 2.5A rated cable should be fine provided the contacts mate up which is likely the problem if it doesn't work. If the cable was under rated it would get hot along the entire length from passing more current than it was designed for which has to do with wire size and type in the cable.

If the cable is of poor construction it may be open and not work at all or have poor connections which could also cause it to get hot at the connection point(s).

A battery pack capable of delivering 12v @ 4A has more power than is required for the SP3 but its only going to give whatever the SP3 draws. These are generally multiuse packs so they would work with something that would draw up to that much power.

When buying cable and battery pack separately ensure the cable plug is the correct size for the output on the pack.

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Long ago, when I first got my SP1, I bought a 12 volt car adapter for it. I knew it was for an RT, and not the Pro, but I tried it.
The current quickly toasted the adapter.
BUT, I cut the cable off and adapter it to my IntoCircuit 26000. That worked, for a few months. The cheap magnetic connector eventually overheated and melted to the point that it too failed.
I bought a good connector from Mike Gyver. Done...

Wayne Orwig

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A few times back in this thread I highly recommended the IntoCircuit 26,000MaHr battery pack.
I want to revise that to simple say, "it works well". I'm not sure I can "highly" recommend it.

I have had a number of small issues with it over the year and a half. It tends to be a bit more fragile than I had expected. The plastic frame has a number of cracks in it. The nice looking brushed metal has a lot of scratches now. Mine has always had an issue where it charges very slowly, often taking over 12 hours, and it often gets VERY hot when charging. I know exactly which component is bad causing this, but the part number is not clear, so I haven't replaced it. Now the cells have developed a pretty high resistance. As soon as I connect a load (SP1), the battery level indicator drops to about 2/3. I verified this with a voltmeter directly on the cells. So I get less than a full recharge on the SP1 now. I originally got 2 recharges. I may have only partially cycled this pack 100 times. For a pack that should be good for about 500 full cycles, this is disappointing. Maybe the cells have been damaged by the heat issue.

So I am looking to get something going. Qi-Infinity has a couple of huge battery packs.
Or I may try buying raw LiPo cells and attempt a repair on this.


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Long ago, when I first got my SP1, I bought a 12 volt car adapter for it. I knew it was for an RT, and not the Pro, but I tried it. The current quickly toasted the adapter.

Holy cow! This thread is still alive?! I think this thread is older than the forum. :) Good to hear from you.

The InfoCircuit battery is still working well for my Ladyfriend, but hers does not get the extensive and frequent use that yours gets.

Take care,