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Car power adapter for the Surface Pro


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Sure there is if you can find one that does 12V, 3.6A and want to custom install the Surface power tip on it. Otherwise no, there isn't. As to why it is not available, that is because the Surface just came out and certain additional accessories aren't available yet. Despite our wants and needs these thing do take time. Not even Apple launched all the necessary lightning connectors initially and I have some devices that have never launched certain accessories (can anybody tell me where to get the US HTC One X dock?).

The good news is a power inverter will always work ;)


I wanted to avoid the inverter as I think it is a waste to go DC to AC to DC and still have to carry the power brick in the car


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I really hope they come up with a good solution for this...it's really something I will miss when I receive my Surface Pro. :-(


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That is really cool. Will just the tip be available? I am sure plenty of people here would be interested in that.