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Case/sleeve that holds the SP2, Charger & Type Cover 2


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As the title says, awaiting delivery of my Surface Pro 2 with the Type Cover 2 and I'm looking for a case/sleeve that can hold them both and the charger, without a handle.

Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?
The charger is bulky... so you basically need a front pocket that stretches a bit or expands (probably neoprene is the cheapest and most common). There are a lot of sleeves (no handle) available for the Surface on the likes of Amazon, so you could skim the user reviews for comments about the charger.
Received the case, an it's exactly what I wanted. It's perfect. Fits the charger, Surface and Type Cover and pen. You can probably fit more in the pouch, it stretches, but never uncomfortably.

Highly, highly recommend the case.

Picture attached.

Just in case anyone else looks at this thread for inspiration... I got the official Nixon Surface case and it fits my Pro with stylus, charger and a Type Cover no problem :)