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the best surface pro 3 sleeve case


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my inaugural post and wanted to share my best discovery. Recently got an SP3 and wanted a good case for it given I plan on travelling with it often. None of the "best" cases recommended on websites or those sold from where I got the SP3 inspired me much and then just as I about to give up I found this Samsung leather case on ebay for only £10 (circa $15) including postage within the UK!! The leather is soft and high quality, the main flap is large covering most of the sleeve (a design feature I couldn't find on other leather sleeves), and most importantly it fits the SP3 fine. I don't have the type cover (I prefer the feedback on a proper portable Bluetooth keyboard, using Apple's one that I already had) but have tried with the type cover and fits inside perfect too.

Moral of the story is that don't focus on branded compatibility as you might well find something better which while not officially suitable, in reality it is and beats the competition hands down.

One question though, I only have one SP3, but I like the case so much (and it's such a deal) I want another. Can anyone give me a good justification for getting more??



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nice, I like it! very practical if you've lots of peripherals. But if you are looking for a sleek, premium leather sleeve don't think you can bean the Samsung. when opened out I place the SP3 and the keyboard on top, which makes for a more pleasant typing experience with something soft to rest your palm/wrists on esp if you've a cold table (eg glass). And for a tenner, think it's pretty unbeatable.


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I use this one, and it's fully sealed and with pockets inside to remove keyboard as well as use flat mouse or hard drive.
I bought that one myself.
SP3 +keyboard is quite a tight fit in the pocket and there's no way Id risk putting the pen in as well as there's no free space for it so it causes the case to bulge. Currently Im just sticking the surface in the middle and closing the zips. Still looking